In the cities garbage has been a problem since the origin of them, due to the high density of population and the fact of people throwing garbage to the streets. This has produced the proliferation of insects, rodents and pathogenic microorganisms, bringing as consequence catastrophic diseases for man as the pest. An evil system of management of the garbages produce a deterioration and depreciation of the environment due to the pollution of the air, of the water and of the soil.

Cairo city
The 30 dirtiest cities of the world
Everyone knows that the amount of garbage we generate is increasing. Although nowadays there is a greater environmental awareness and more attempts to preserve the cleanliness and care of the environment, the truth is that there are more and more plastic bags and objects that pollute the planet. The city which was "the winner" as the dirtiest city was Baku, capital of the republic of Arzebaijan. In the second place we find the city of Addis Ababa Ethiopia and the great City of Mexico, followed by Argentina's capital Buenos Aires and Antananarivo. Other cities with large amounts of garbage are Bangladesh, Nepal, Tanzania, Togo, Congo and Russia.