Garbage can be considered as everything which has stopped being useful and, therefore, will have to be eliminated or throwing away. Garbage its qualified in three different categories:
1. Organic garbage: It is generated from remains of alive beings like plants and animals, for example: rinds of fruits and vegetables, shells, remains of food, bones, paper and natural fabrics like sedates, the linen and the cotton. This kind of garbage is biodegradable.
2. Inorganic garbage: It comes from minerals and synthetic products, as the following ones: metals, plastic, glass, plasticized carton and synthetic fabrics. The previous mentioned materials are not degradables.

  1. Sanitary garbage:They are all kind of materials used in medical treatments, like gasas, bandages, cotton, hygienic paper, towels,etc.
    Latter its certanly considered to be garbage, since once it was founded the presence of microorganisms which caused diseases on it.This is the reason why, sanitary garbage must be rejected in closed marked bags.
The inorganic waste can be retrain or reused, whereas the organic ones, turn into fertilizers, domestic credits or animal feeds.

In chile: Nowadays, in Chile, just the Metropolitan Region inhabitants generate an average of a kilo of garbage a day. Considering the number of citizens who live in this region in the present, the garbage produced its about six thousand a day.Looking into this evidence we can see how big quantities of garbage will affect the environment, moreover, its already being affected. This is because gases, which are produced from garbage descomposition, cause air pollution, that its highly contaminated for the environment. Besides, air contamination its also followed by soil which, in most cases, it cames from garbage. Another point that its important to take into account its the water pollution produced by trash when its dragged by rain.

Effects that garbage produces in the air when its being smashed or even when its organic residues are descomposed and manage to affect, for example, the greenhouse effect by having a big amount of carbon dioxide on it.