Water its a vital resource we have because without it we wouldnt be able to exist. It is a very important element of the earth.The 70% of the earth its represented by water, even though, just 0,01% its fresh water. Nowadays people dont mind about doing something in roder to save and protect this resource as they might did time ago.


We use water for doing anything we need, for example: we use 400.000 litres of water to make a car, an african uses 5 litters of water a day, we cant survive more than 3 days without water and 60% of humans body its represented by this vital resource.



A Glacier its a thick dough of ice that originates in the Earth's surface accumulation, compaction and recrystallization of snow. The process in which takes part the glaciers growth and establishment its called glaciations. 10% of the Earth is covered by glaciers, which save about 33 million km3 of fresh water.

Problems of glaciers


Global warming its melting glaciers in every region of the World, which makes people to be in danger of suffering floods, droughts and even not having enough drinking water.


Climate change will, over the next century affect the amount of time that takes to a glacier to melt. Global average temperatures are expected to increase from 1.4 to 5.8 ºC in the late 21 (2). This will probably cause that almost all glaciers in the world dissapear.

Waste Water

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The amount of water each person consummates in developed countries reaches the 300 litters which is much more than the 80 litters recommended by ONS.

For example, Industries use millions of liters of water to make their products. This has as result contaminated water thrown into the rivers.

The horrible thing of this issue is that once you use water, you can't reuse it, so if we keep on behaving in this way, sooner or later we will end up trying to find the way of survive with a lot less water.

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We can help to avoid wasting water by doing the following things:

  • Showering instead of bathing.

  • Shuting off the tap while brushing our teeth.

  • Avoiding turning the machine until its full.

  • Periodically review the taps in the house.

  • Using just the necessary amount of water we need.