A campaign is a set of messages that peolple send to stand up their ideas. There are many campaings for the enviromental problems, for example:


It's about collecting empty bottles to recycle them, and made basic resources for hospitals. This campaign tries to make an environmentally friendly progress. Wal-Mart is associated with many schools and shops around the world.

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One of the biggest problem in the planet is the big number of plastic bottles. So Coke and Pepsi decided to make again glass bottles. However, many companies continue making plastic bottles and producing contaminated waste that is affecting marine life. So, animals are harmed by this type of non-biodegradable waste.


Greenpeace is an organization that tries to help the environment, doing campaigns to make people aware of the damage they cause. For example Kleenex campaigns:

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Since 1999, with more than 34 thousand tons of paper recycled, Garraham Foundation continues its program of collecting recyclingpaper and plastic taps. In this way, founds for the Garraham Hospital contributes to enviromental care.

The papers can not be recycled if they are dirty. Therefore it is important to have bags or other containers to separate rubbish at home.

Not all papers can be recycled:

  • White or colored papers (printed in black or color, with or without hooks).

  • Envelopes of all types of paper (with or without a label, with or without cellophane window).

  • Continuous forms, newspapers and magazines, plastic folders and carbonless paper.

  • Photo paper, candy, coal, plastic, metal, paper ream wrap, paper tape (unless it can be removed easily)

  • Self-adhesive paper.

The objetives of Garraham Programme is to help poor children by collecting taps, some bottles and other materials to sell them and collect money to pay the treatment that they need.


There are different types of campaigns, for example online campaigns, concerts, original campaigns and also sit ups.

· Online campaigns: People give to know through Internet different campaigns, often to collect money or signatures to do something.

Concerts: Artists give concerts and with the money that they collect they make donations.

· Original campaigns: Are campaigns out of the ordinary and this campaigns are made with the creativity of the people. For example, when Greenpeace put gold skulls in the congress stairs to stop the exploitation of gold mines.

· Sit ups: Are campaigns where people sit together to claim for something.

But there are also campaigns where violence prevails, there are called protest demos. Protest demos are illegal, and many times the police finished with this campaign. For example, block roads, block fishing boats, block bulldozers.

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To know a little more..

Did you know...?

  • A plastic bottle takes about 700 years to decompose.

  • The 90% of the cost of bottled water is because of the bottle

  • The 80% of bottles are not recycled

  • They need 100 million liters of oil to produce one billion bottles

Try to be aware of the problem and save every single bottle that you use because,

one tap or bottle that you give to this fundation, is a life that you save.